Fairness and
Value to DeFi.

AAPL is a community centered, innovative DeFi project developed by the people, for the people. The uncountable fairness convictions and actions of the AAPL will be made by it's community members to ensure fairness and equity for all.

About Us

Apple company is a trillion dollar company, not only the apple stock but the tech company also. DeFi is one of the hottest places to be right now as it provides decentralized financial services that were originally offered by the centralized finance institutions to anyone with cryptocurrency and an Internet connection.

Apple Protocol is one of the latest protocol offering cutting edge DeFi services. AAPL will in future be the ultimate token for purchasing and trading apple stock. With AAPL, users will be able to stake/farm with ease and confidence.


Trading on Hotbit has started!

Trading Pairs: AAPL/USDT, AAPL/ETH

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Our Airdrop is still alive and will be distributed on 25th November.

ūüćŹ Get 10 AAPL (250$) for completing tasks
ūüćŹ Get 1 AAPL (25$) for each referralūüĒį



The Apple Protocol is built in a way that it allows for multiple pools and staking options to be offered over a longer period of time. With a very easy to use interface coupled with the detailed instructions. AAPL promises a pleasing and easy to understand user experience.


Project security is one of the primary goal of Apple Protocol. To ensure a secure protocol. AAPL ERC20 smart contract will be fully audited and certified be the blockchain consilium, a renowned blockchain auditing firm to ensure higher level of security.

Governance Model

A growing community is necessary to the AAPL platform. To help bring about a healthy ecosystem, AAPL includes a unique on-chain voting system that will introduce flexible voting parameters. This governance allows for cost free voting that is publicly verifiable by AAPL holders.


AAPL looks forward to being able to be used to purchase real Apple stock in future owing to the fact that Apple is a trillion dollar company not just the stock company but the tech company.


Presale: 100,000 AAPL(20%)
Staking: 90,000 AAPL(18%)
Uniswap: 75,000 AAPL(15%)
Team: 25,000 AAPL(5%)
Marketing: 10,000 AAPL(2%)
Airdrop: 200,000 AAPL(40%)

Name: Apple Protocol
Symbol: AAPL
Decimal: 18
Total Supply: 500,000

Presale¬†Price: 1¬†AAPL¬†= 0.0125 ETH (‚Čą5 USD)
Listing¬†Price: 1¬†AAPL¬†= 0.0625 ETH (‚Čą25 USD)

Listing Plans

Catex - November 2020
Hotbit - November 2020
Uniswap - November 2020
CMC Top 10 exchange - December 2020

Yield Farming

Farming is one of the attributes accelerating the DeFi space. In simple terms, farming is a way to generate reward with Cryptocurrency holdings. Farming through AAPL allows you to earn rewards by providing liquidity in a variety of pools with the details that will be soon.

Purchase & Trade
Apple Stock

It is not oblivious that Apple is a big company with large user base which begs the need for an official blockchain presence. Apple protocol aims at using its token, AAPL for majority of day to day transactions by Apple uses worldwide. It is still a third party and will work like a third party but with richly packed sweet uses, it aims to be recognized by Apple executives in the near future.

With AAPL tokens, you can:
Purchase and own Apple Inc. stocks no matter where you are
Pay in every way Apple allows interaction with third party
Shop Apple products and ship worldwide with AAPL
Pay or subscribe for Apple services


The Apple Protocol allows their users who wish to stake AAPL, stake to earn a generous ROI of 78% annually, 6.5% monthly and 0.217% daily on their total stake amount.

Through AAPL, users will enjoy the benefits of having fixed return rate on their stake of AAPL tokens at the rate of 0.217% daily (78% annually and 6.5% monthly). These returns are guaranteed to be sustainable and delivered by virtue of AAPL tokenomics. There will be over 500,000 AAPL tokens as the contact does not contain a provision to "mint" more tokens. 18% of the 500,000 total tokens will be stored in the staking reward contract, calculated to cover the first 2 years of operations.

Staking through Apple Protocol was designed to be as simple as possible. The protocol requires a 120 hours lock up which begins at the commencement of staking. The user can withdraw tokens at anytime after the initial 120 hours luck up alongside the earn interested. The interest can be withdrawn without any fee, anytime, while the tokens are staked in the protocol encouraging users to continue staking their tokens based in supply and demand metrics.

Staking Process

If and investor choose to stake 2000 tokens in the platform. During the process of staking the tokens, the protocol will deduct 1.5% from the initial 2000 tokens leaving a balance of 1970 tokens to be staked. If the token balance is staked for a period of l month, the user will then earn 128.05 tokens on their stake. If the investors decides to unstake after the one month period, the protocol will deduct 0.5% unstaking fee from the original 1970 tokens. This will provide a net return of 118.2 tokens after fees has been paid.

How to Buy?

Sale Address: 0xC3Fc4DD66c469335F4642adC8C9EC23CB1A1093c

Send Eth to the wallet
above, you'll receive
AAPL tokens equivalent to the amount sent.

Note: Send from personal wallet, not from exchange wallet.Do not send below minimum buy amount.

AAPL will be listed on the Hotbit Exchange Before Pre-sale ends.

Sale Address: 0xC3Fc4DD66c469335F46

Send Eth to the wallet
above, you'll receive
AAPL tokens equivalent to the amount sent.

Note: Send from personal wallet, not from exchange wallet.Do not send below minimum buy amount.

AAPL will be listed on the Hotbit Exchange Before Pre-sale ends


Q3 2020

Token creation

Q4 2020

Presale & team token lock
Exchange listing
CMC and CoinGecko listing

Q4 2020

Uniswap & Probit Listing
Staking launch
Marketer & Influencer recruitment
Farming video tutorial

Q1 2021

Logo rebranding
Pool video tutorial
Purchasing & trading Apple stock goes live
Vault release
Farming release

Q1 2021

Whitepaper Release
Uniswap liquidity lock
Smart contract auditing
Development continues